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Eatin’ Out of Your Hand

Music Mondays

While spending a weekend in Charlottesville with our familes, my friend Frank played some tunes he likes while we were hanging out. One song he played is Eatin’ Out Of Your Hand by Bill Harrell. This is a great, classic bluegrass song.

Three versions of Eatin’ Out of Your Hand are linked below:


Weekend Links

The Majority Of The US Population Almost Never Unplugs From Gadgets

Quote of the Week

From Here’s An Insightful Warning About The Way Human Desires Are Met So Easily Online:

Just as humans are able to deny themselves an excess of the fats and sugars that their bodies are trained to crave, so too must they remain cautious about technology: “Every technology will alienate you from some part of your life. That is its job. Your job is to notice.” Only by doing this can the last generation to know a pre-internet world ensure that those who come after appreciate what has been lost.

Steam Train, Dream Train Book Review

Train Tuesdays

Steam Train, Dream Train Book

Steam Train, Dream Train Book

My daughter got a really nice steam train book for her fourth birthday entitled Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker.

The story in Steam Train, Dream Train is similar to Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo, which I reviewed earlier. Both books make a toy train in a child’s room seem to come alive as it is loaded and goes on its journey. Both are also wonderfully illustrated. I highly recommend Chugga Chugga Choo Choo to toddlers and Steam Train, Dream Train to more like 3+ year-olds as it is a longer book with more words. Both books will be thoroughly enjoyed by young railfans and their parents.


OCMS Remedy Album Review

Music Mondays

Old Crow Medicine Show is out with a new album this summer entitled Remedy. The album kicks off with Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer which captures OCMS’s latest sound.

OCMS and Bob Dylan Songs

The album also includes an unreleased/unfinished Bob Dylan song entitled Sweet Amarillo. In finishing a Dylan song, Sweet Amarillo is a similar OCMS effort to their smash hit Wagon Wheel (from the O.C.M.S. album), another song that Bob Dylan had originally started writing.

Highly Recommended Tracks

My favorite tracks on Remedy are

Kevin Hayes Songs

Sweet Home is a Kevin Hayes number. Kevin, the OCMS  guitjo player, has provided tracks on previous albums that I also like for their catchiness and humor:

Doc’s Day Video

See Also:  More Recommended OCMS Songs

OCMS Remedy Album and Song Links:


Weekend Links

Hi-tech Gadgets and Addictions:

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Headphones fueling increase in serious accidents, experts say

Low-tech Solutions / Alternatives:

Old technology in NSA age: Typewriter sales surge in Germany