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Social Media Sites May Diminish Critical Thinking Skills

I read an interesting post by Roderick Ioeger  on the Marketing Pilgrim site suggesting that users of social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) may lose critical thinking skills if they rely on social networks for the answers to their problems rather than coming up with solutions themselves.

Here is an excerpt from Roderick’s post:

…social media is enabling people to abandon their searching, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in favor of allowing their peers to assist them. I support this conclusion not only based on my own personal experience but also based on the types of technologies currently being produced. Social technologies like Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and even many online forums have become breeding grounds for these types of less than lack luster communications… 

I believe Roderick’s idea is similar in some ways to an earlier post by The Low Tech Times that reliance on GPS Navigation Systems may result in a loss of knowledge

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