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Scoble vs. Bly

Bob Bly, an old-school copywriter, wrote to hi-tech blogger Robert Scoble saying that he is a low-tech guy and does not understand all of the hullabaloo about the latest hi-tech gadgets and services:

I don’t have any of it — for that matter, I don’t own a Blackberry, iPod, wireless laptop, or even a cell phone — and I get along fine without them.

In fact, I’d say my productivity is greatly enhanced by not fooling with all these useless gadgets or reading the endless blather on social networking sites.

Can you help an old guy from the old school understand what he’s missing?

Scoble responded to Bly implying that people can choose to be lazy and ignore hi-tech trends, but that choice is an ignorant one:

OK, OK, I see that a few of you are interested in how I’d answer Rob’s question straight up. My answer:

“There is value in staying ignorant.”

Seriously. Think of the tradeoff to staying ignorant. You might have to go to school to learn something new instead of grabbing another beer out of the fridge and sitting on the couch and watching another CSI

The Low-Tech Times strongly sides with Bob Bly in this discussion. While it is a mistake to reject all new technology out of hand, it is equally wrong for the public to have a knee-jerk reaction to purchase the latest unnecessary hi-tech gadget or service. Scoble should not assume that people are ignorant just because they choose not to spend their time and money on the latest technologies.

The Low-Tech Times sees some troubling signs in today’s society, including drivers who pay more attention to their text messages than the roadway and people talking about surgically embedding cell phones inside their bodies.

Avoiding unnecessary hi-tech devices is not lazy; on the contrary, insisting on a button to roll up and down car windows is lazy.

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