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How To Save Gas and Ease Traffic


After observing the behavior of other drivers on the road, it appears that many people believe they need to always be depressing the brake pedal or the accelerator. In fact, drivers do not need to choose between either pushing down on the brake pedal or applying the gas; there is a third option when driving. In many instances, completely letting off the gas is an adequate technique to slow down without braking.

A good technique is to let off the accelerator and hover the right foot above the brake. This way you are ready to brake if necessary, but you do not needlessly apply the brakes. It is important to keep a safe following distance when using this technique.


By not always applying the brakes to slow down:

  1. You do not slow more than necessary and save gas by not having to re-accelerate as much
  2. You help ease traffic congestion. When drivers see brake lights ahead, they instinctively apply their own brakes. This chain reaction leads to backups and major delays.

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