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Rambo First Blood: Virtual vs Real Actors

Robert Scoble, a top hi-tech blogger, recently asked his readers, “Are you ready for virtual actors in movies?

For me, the answer is no.  I do occasionally enjoy watching a cartoon, like The Simpsons,  or a claymation production, like Wallace and Gromit.  However, in general I’d rather see real actors instead of computer generated faces and bodies.

Over the Christmas holidays, I watched Rambo: First Blood Part II at my inlaws’ house.  While not as good as the original Rambo: First Blood, it was still an entertaining movie.  And it just wouldn’t have been the same with a hi-tech computer image playing the lead role instead of Sly Stallone.

While parachuting out for his new mission, Rambo has to cut loose from his extensive hi-tech gear provided by the army.  Needless to say, the lack of hi-tech equipment does not stop Rambo on his quest to locate prisoners of war in Vietnam.   Rambo explains that the best weapon is actually the mind.

If you enjoy action movies and haven’t seen them, watch Rambo First Blood parts I and II.

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