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Computer vs Human Weather Forecasting  = WRONG on 2/5/10 = WRONG

All meteorologists utilize computer weather models. Development of these models has no doubt improved the reliability of weather forecasts. However, computer-only forecasts are often unreliable. It is much better for a qualified human being with local knowledge to interpret the computer models.

The computer generated Accuweather Alarm has badly understated snowfall at my location during at least two recent weather events. Additionally, the Weather Channel’s computer generated forecast recently made a huge mistake by calling for a changeover to rain during a major Washington DC area snow event (see screen shot at right).

I’m surprised how many people pay to subscribe to cable for channels such as The Weather Channel. Their “Local on the 8s” forecast is computer generated. It is much better to get your weather information from qualified local meteorologists.

In my area, my favorite weather source is the Capital Weather Gang. Additionally, there are a variety of local TV sources available for free on over-the-air TV.

Here’s a video tour of 11 TV weather sources available in the mid-Atlantic region. These include ABC 2.2 (Baltimore local news & programming), ABC 2.3 (Baltimore weather), NBC 4.1 (DC local news & programming), NBC 4.2 (DC weather), FOX 5 (DC local news & programming), ABC 7.1 (DC local news & programming), ABC 7.2 (DC weather), ABC 8 (Richmond local news & programming), CBS 9.1 (DC local news & programming), CBS 9.2 (DC weather), and NBC 25 (Hagerstown local news & programming). I pick up all these stations with a Terk HDTVi antenna.

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