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Danny Paisley’s Road Into Town Review

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Danny Paisley

Danny Paisley

I just realized Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass released a new album last fall entitled Road Into Town. I have been a fan of the Southern Grass lineup for a number of years, including T.J. Lundy on banjo and Donnie Eldreth Jr on mandolin. Last year, Danny put together an all new lineup for The Southern Grass. As much as I liked the previous lineup, the new album reveals that the new band is successfully carrying on the tradition. The new lineup includes the talented Mark Delaney on banjo, who I’ve seen perform a number of times at Tiffany Tavern.

The title track, Road Into Town, was written by Chris Stuart. It’s a great bluegrass song about a mining company spoiling mountain land. I like this song even more than Don’t Throw Momma’s Flowers Away, a song that earned Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass the 2009 International Bluegrass Music Association Song of the Year Award. The song is delivered perfectly by Danny Paisley on lead vocals and also features some of the best harmony I’ve heard since The Basement Band played and recorded with James King singing along with Danny. I don’t think bluegrass harmony gets any better. Listen to the chorus of Road into Town:

All I’ve ever known
Is this old mountain home
I’d rather sleep on rocky ground
If I had to travel that road into town

I Overlooked an Orchid is another of my favorites on the album. To be sure, Danny Paisley has always had one of the best vocals in traditional bluegrass, but on this song I also hear a bit of Danny’s dad, Bob Paisley, in Danny’s voice. Bob Paisley was the leader of The Southern Grass until he passed away in 2004.

The album also features a couple of fine instrumentals, Cherokee Shuffle and Dancin’ With Sally, that showcase the new band.

The album closes with an outstanding version of the gospel song I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer.

Overall, Road into Town is a very fine album that I definitely recommend. Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass are no doubt one of the very best traditional bluegrass bands.

Links to CD and MP3 versions:

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