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Last Run of the 611

Train Tuesdays

Some great reading is Kipp Teague’s website with the story, complete with sound clips and videos, of Norfolk and Western Class J #611′s last run back to Roanoke after Norfolk Southern ended their previous steam operations program in 1994:

When I think back on seeing and hearing the 611 under steam for what was most likely the last time, I cannot help but feel a profound sense of loss over this mechanical masterpiece that, at times, truly seemed alive…

The good news is that Norfolk Southern has restarted a limited steam operations program, partnering with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and Fort Wayne Railroad Historic Society utilizing Southern #630 and Nickel Plate Road #765. The Virginia Museum of Transportation is currently studying the feasibility of returning 611 once again to operation. Perhaps 611′s last run was only the last run for a long while.

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