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Low-Tech Railfanning

Train Tuesdays

These days, railfans have a lot of tools to help them find and see train moves. Certainly I make use of the Internet when trying to find out when a special will pass by.

But so far I haven’t bought a scanner (they allow railfans to listen to hear train crews call call trackside signals and listen to the dispatcher talk to crews). I also haven’t gotten into the ATCS movement (which allows railfans to see how trains are routed over the line).

My low-tech approach has failed me a couple of times when I’ve missed trains that I wanted to see. Last week, I tried to time my lunch break to see the Norfolk Southern Office Car Special pass through my area. Unfortunately I missed it.

Interestingly, there was another railfan who showed up shortly after I did at the train watching spot. I asked him if he knew where the train was and he said he didn’t. He continued to say that he used to have a scanner but gave that up. Now he just goes trackside with a good book and whatever happens happens.

Since I missed the train, I don’t have any new photos to share this week. But here’s the NS OCS from a previous and more successful railfanning trip:

Norfolk Southern Office Car Special

Other News

Lastly, will be announcing plans for 611 this Friday. I will provide a special post with the latest news.

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