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Four Reasons to Choose Old-fashioned Picture Frames Instead of Digital Picture Frames

I’ve been seeing more and more digital picture frames for sale in stores lately. Personally, I find old-fashioned frames more appealing for the following reasons:

  1. FUNCTIONALITY–Old-fashioned picture frames offer the same functionality as digital picture frames. Users of classic picture frames, like digital picture frame users, can easily change the picture if they grow tired of the one currently in the frame. Simply open the back, replace the picture, and re-close the back!
  2. AESTHETICSArt simply looks better in a real frame than it does on a computer screen.
  3. ELECTRICITY–Digital photo frames require electricity whereas old-fashioned frames do not need to be plugged in and do not require batteries. Old-fashioned frames are the greener choice.
  4. COST–Old-fashioned picture frames cost significantly less than digital picture frames. Besides the intitial cost of the frames themselves, you’ll also save even more on electricity as time goes by. Check out these classic photo frame sets available from

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  1. rajesh wrote:

    I agree completely. Digital photo frames are over rated. They cost upwards of $50 for a decent sized one and draw electricity (although not too much). The upside is that you can display many pictures on one frame, it is space saving. But if you make a conscious effort, it is possible to maintain an $8 photo frame and 20 prints (around 20 cents each, good quality, totally worth around $4) very well indeed. So you end up saving around $38, and what’s more, you can get more prints and put them in an album, or give your older prints away to people you know. Unless the price point of digital photo frames is below $20, they don’t make good sense to buy. They’re using a technology which is still developing.

    Friday, March 14, 2008 at 10:41 am | Permalink

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